• 2nd Grade
    Room 224: Yale
Ms. Brandenburg



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Brandenburg


Role at Garfield


2nd Grade Teacher


Who are you?


I am Leo, daughter, friend, teacher, sister, skier, runner, and Oakland native. I have been a teacher for 3 years and this is my second year at Garfield.


What are your core values?


I have many core values (family, passion, respect, honesty, love) but I think the one that I live by most days is to be your best self.


How did your family, educational experiences, etc. impact your life?


My family has always held education in high regard and supported me throughout my educational experience. I, like many students we see, faced a lot of challenges as a learner and because of some amazing teachers I was able to come out on the other side.


Why do you do this work?


I do this work because children are the future!


What are 1-2 things you want all students to know (ie. I believe in myself, I can be anything I want to be)?


Live your life to the fullest, be present in the moment because you never know what tomorrow may bring.


What is your greatest hope for culture development this school year?


I hope that as a staff community we can become more culturally responsible.