• -       We have a focus on academic goals for students, we are data driven, so we have:

    - Weekly COIs (Cycles Of Inquiry), where grades level analyze data and reflect on their instruction
    - Academic Conferences after each assessment cycle, where teachers meet with the Administration and Instructional Facilitators to analyze data and find resources to meet our students needs.
    We build on a teacher and staff collaboration, so we have:
    - PLCs (Professional Learning Communities), where teacher from the same grade level meet 3 times a week to plan and refine their curriculum.
    We want to generate Professional Development opportunities, so we have:
    - ALPs (Action Learning Plans), where teachers have the opportunity to make vertical groups (from different grade levels), and study a specific area that they want to accomplish
    - PDs (Professional Development meetings) all year long, trying to differentiate according to teacher needs  
    - Grade Level PDs, where Administration and Instructional Facilitators observe, meet, and collaborate with a specific grade level to refine one part of their instruction, including peer observations, lesson study sessions, debriefing sessions
    We believe in Teacher leadership, so we create different opportunities for our teachers:
    - Grade level teacher leaders
    - Content teacher leaders (LA, Math, Science, Technology)
    - Work groups
    - Teachers Present PDs 


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