• United for Success Academy features an integrated curriculum that brings learning to life and promotes sound critical thinking skills. In addition to having rigorous instruction in the core areas of math/science and language arts/history, our students expand their learning through an array of enrichment activities, such as field trips, community art projects, and Expo events.

    In addition to its strong academic program, United for Success Academy supports families with:
    • A parent center providing tax preparation, eligibility support for county services, job and language skills, parenting classes, and more
    • A medical center offering free medical, dental, and mental health services for our students and their families
    • A remarkable extended-day and summer school offering academics and enrichment


    Our school:
    • is orderly, and you can hear children laughing. 
    • is focused on academics, and children stay for the art and sports. 
    • has strict discipline, and also great love and respect
    • is fixed on each student's future, and takes time to know their past.
    • examines the student as an individual, and involves the family and community.