Your contribution to United for Success supports student learning in a multitude of ways.
    Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to our school by selecting, "United for Success" under, "Where do you want your donation to go?"

    Or mail to:
    United for Success / Oakland Public Education Fund
    PO Box 71005
    Oakland, CA 94612 



      $1000: Cost of two new desktop computers or cost of science curriculum materials for a class.

    • $500: Cost of a field trip to a museum for two classes or cost of one Family Math Night.

    • $250: Cost to certify each teacher in a second subject area or cost of after-school programs for a student for the year.

    • $100: Cost of school uniforms for two students most in need or cost of a set of novels for a class.

    • $50: Cost of literacy instruction workshops for one parent or cost to translate and print one newsletter to our families.

    Thank you for supporting our school!