• Leadership Growth and Development System Overview
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    Launched in 2011 as an outgrowth of the Full Service Community Schools Strategic Plan, the OUSD Leadership Task Force (LTF) developed a homegrown framework for effective site leadership, supported by district and national research. The LTF developed and piloted a corresponding professional learning and evaluation model to support the development of leaders’ capacities as outlined in the framework. Both the evaluation and the professional learning structures were grounded in the specific priorities, context and needs of Oakland’s leaders and schools.
    The resulting Oakland Leadership Dimensions, Asset-Based Cycle of Inquiry, Professional Critical Friends model, and Principal Evaluation Pilot were implemented during the 2013-2014 academic year. In 2014-2015, the district and union agreed to launch a district wide pilot to learn how to improve our ability to provide principals with opportunities for continuous growth and feedback. We have agreed to implement a 2015-16 district wide pilot for an additional year in order to try these revised tools to ensure they support leader development. The 2015-16 pilot will not be utilized as the official performance evaluation for participating principals.

    The overarching purpose of the Leadership Growth and Development System (LGDS) is to ensure all schools are equipped with highly qualified and effective leaders. This practitioner-created evaluation system facilitates this goal by:
    1) Supporting leaders’ growth and development through the annual goal-setting process and cycle of inquiry, and
    2) Producing valid and reliable data using transparent measures of assessment.  
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