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    Nancy Bloom joins Skyline as a Co-Principal after leading Montclair Elementary School for 10 years. During Ms. Bloom's tenure, Montclair Elementary reached California Distinguished School status and was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon school. She was successful in doubling the school's size, growing a culture of academic excellence and raising API scores all while maintaining a diverse student body. Prior to joining the leadership team at Montclair, Ms. Bloom worked at Hawthorne Elementary as a Teacher In-Charge and the school's closing Principal. She brings with her years of accounting experience and as well as the knowledge of running a business.
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    Before being named as Skyline's Co-principle, Vinnie Blye served as Skyline's Acting Principle during the 2015-16 school year. In addition, Dr. Blye has served as a Skyline Assistant Principal for several years. Additionally,   Dr. Blye was on the administrative team at Fremont High School. His return to Skyline for the 2014-15 school year was very welcome, as his familiarity with the school and its personnel provides strength to Skyline's administrative team. Dr. Blye leads with clear operational excellence. He is highly systemic in his planning and   is a respected leader at Skyline. He has great staff relationships and understands the complexities of climate and culture at Skyline.




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