• Advisory

    United for Success puts into action the theory that a strong community supports better learning. Emotional and social wellness is built into our curriculum through team-building experiences, such as our incredible Point Reyes camping trip, and the family-like atmosphere of our advisory period, where students meet in a small group with the same teacher-advisor. 
    Students meet in advisory 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) to ensure that every child is connected to a caring adult who is focussed on supporting them.  It is a space where we build community in circles.  As students transition from one teacher in elementary school to many teachers in middle school, the advisor remains the primary singular contact for parents.  
    Students posing with mountain mural, an activity done at the beginning of the school year!  

    Purpose of Advisory

    Advisory is a sacred space, one that is designed to help students grow academically and socially into conscious and healthy young adults.  

    Advisory is a safe place in which students form close relationships with other students and at least one trusted adult  

    • Celebrate and promote love and understanding of ourselves, each other, and all human beings.
    • Discuss and analyze various themes related to our personal experiences and the world around us.
    • Utilize restorative practices to nurture positive relationships and resolve conflicts.

    Advisory is an empowering place in which students take ownership of their learning and create their plan for success.

    • Monitor own attendance, academic progress, goals and time management
    • Identify, utilize and advocate for resources for academic and social-emotional support 
    • Lead conferences with their caregivers to celebrate and reflect on their learning portfolios
    • Translate ideas, concerns, and findings into individual or collaborative actions to benefit their families, the school or the greater community 

    Role of Advisor


    Description (What)

    Process (How)

    Build community/ relationships

    Every child feels known, cared for, valued, worthy, and part of a healthy and supportive learning environment. All students are celebrated for who they are and able to make connections with others. We work to build solidarity and strong relationships

    One on One’s Twice a Semester

    Talking RJ Community Building Circle

    Sharing Stories

    Discussions, Projects, Journaling

    Advocate for student

    No student will fall through the cracks: advisors will support and advocate for their advisees academically and socially. Advisors will know their advisees’ strengths and challenges in order to give support and encouragement.

    Weekly Progress Report/Attendance Monitoring 

    Goal-setting, Time Management, Academic Support 

    Student Portfolios 

    Connection to home

    Families have one primary school contact that helps them be authentically involved and connected to the school and the student’s education. Advisors will reach out to families for news, updates, and build a true relationship with their advisory families.

    Annual Home Visits 

    End of Semester Student Led Conferences

    Monthly Wellness Check Phone Calls

    Weekly Contact: Text, Talking Points, Google Forms