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    About Us


    • Greenleaf, a small K-8 school in the heart of East Oakland, opened in 2007 after a design team of educators, parents, and community members spent a year re-envisioning the school’s mission.

    • Greenleaf es una pequeña escuela de K-8 en East Oakland que abrió en 2007 después de que un equipo de diseño compuesto por educadores, familias y miembros de la comunidad pasar un año re-visualizando la misión de la escuela.

    • Over the first three years, Greenleaf Scholars increased their literacy proficiency from 14% to 51% as measured by the then California State Standards Test (CST) and even more in Math, from 25% to 80%.

    • Durante los tres primeros años, los estudiantes de Greenleaf aumentaron su competencia académica de 14% a 51%, según se medía entonces por el Examen Estatal de Estandares de California (CST), e incluso mas en matemáticas, de 25% a 80%.

    • Greenleaf soon became a model for teacher leadership, professional learning communities, values-based school culture and data-driven instruction across the district. The school's API, the former standard school ratings, rose from the mid 500's to 821. Currently, our Middle School is ranked 3rd out of 26 middle schools in the district. We were also just recognized as 1 of 13 schools out of 126 for Academic Progress.

    • Greenleaf pronto se convirtió en un modelo de liderazgo de maestros, comunidades de aprendizaje profesional, cultura basada en valores e instrucción basada en datos en el distrito. El API de la escuela, la manera anterior de medir las puntuaciones de la escuela, subió de mediados de los 500 a 821.  Actualmente, nuestra Middle School es la tercera del distrito. Hemos sido también reconocidos como 1 de las 13 escuelas con Progreso Académico dentro de las 126 escuelas de Oakland. 

    Greenleaf, a small K-8 school in the heart of East Oakland, opened in 2007 after a design team of educators, parents, and community members spent a year re-envisioning the school’s mission. Originally named John Whittier after the abolitionist poet, our school site has a rich legacy we strive to preserve, carry forward -- and expand. Greenleaf was Whittier’s middle name, bringing to mind his dedication to social justice, creativity, and scholasticism. At the same time, our new name symbolizes a step forward as we adapt and branch out to meet our neighborhood’s many challenges. We are devoted to tradition -- a growing, evolving tradition.

    Student at Greenleaf K-8 Our budding scholars and leaders draw motivation and inspiration from a truly engaged support network of teachers, family members, and community partners. The connections between teachers, students, and families form the roots of Greenleaf’s vision and model. We’re proud to set high academic and social expectations -- for students, staff, and parents alike. Our teachers will do whatever it takes -- from home visits to intensive tutoring to phone calls home -- to help our students achieve. This culture of open communication and going the extra mile helps families play a key role in their children’s education.

    Vision Statement
    Academic excellence is our goal.
    Community is our foundation.
    Together, we work and live by the Greenleaf principles of learning:
    Integrity, Determination, Pride, and Inquiry.

    Our Students

    • 73% Latino, 21% African-American
    • More than 90% of students are eligible for free or reduced-priced lunch.

    Programs and Services
    In addition to a full day of academics, Greenleaf Elementary offers our students and families many other services, including:
    • Integrated after-school program for students including academic support, recreation, and arts enrichment
    • Parent education including parent workshops
    • Focus on teacher professional development and collaboration among teachers, parents, community resources, and partners

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