• United for Success Academy

    Academic Program


    English Language Arts:

    6th grade EL Education

    7th grade EL Education

    8th grade EL Education

    *Note: All UFSA ELA courses include one-to-one Chromebook computer access, and are supplemented with on site culturally relevant material and formative assessments.



    Math 6 Illustrative Mathematics (Desmos)

    Math 7 Illustrative Mathematics (Desmos)
    Math 8 Illustrative Mathematics (Desmos)

    *All curriculum is supplemented with Common Core aligned district curriculum and on site formative assessments.



    6th grade: myWorld Interactive- Ancient Civilizations

    7th grade: myWorld Interactive- World History - Medieval and Early Modern Times

    8th grade: myWorld Interactive- United States History Growth and Conflict



    6th grade: Foss Weather and Water

    7th grade: Heredity and Adaptations

    8th grade: Heredity and Adaptations


    Physical Education:

    6th- 8th grade



    Computer Science


    AVID (College Preparatory Class)

    Joven Noble


    Support Classes:

    Designated ELD (Newcomer, Intermediate, Long Term English Learners)

    Reading Support/Intervention

    Blueprint Math Support


    Study Skills

    In addition to our regular day program, our full-scale after-school program offers a wide range of academic support and enrichment activities.