• OUSD Graduation Requirements


    What are the "a-g" Requirements?

    • The University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems require entering freshmen to complete certain courses in high school. These courses are called the "a-g" requirements because of the letter each subject area is assigned: "a" is for History/Social Science, "b" is for English, and so on. 
    • While any student wishing to enter a four-year public college in the State of California must meet the "a-g" standard; knowledge acquired through the "a-g" curriculum is now a prerequisite for many employment positions that had far less stringent requirements a generation or two ago.
    • Research demonstrates that having a higher standard of education for students is critical to students’ personal and academic development, as well as competitiveness in an increasingly global and technology-based economy.


    A diploma of high school graduation shall be granted to any student who:

    • Completes a total of 230 credits in grades 9-12(see below for specific coursework)
    • Earns a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.00 in courses that satisfy graduation requirements
    • Completes a senior project/exhibition during the 12th grade year of high school.


    Course Requirements for OUSD High School Graduation

    a. History/Social Science

    b. English or English Language Development (ELD)

    c. Mathematics

    d. Laboratory Science

    e. World Language

    f. Visual / Performing Arts

    g. College Prep Electives



    OUSD High School Graduation Requirements 

    OUSD High School Requirements for Class of 2015 and beyond (including “a-g” requirements, marked with a *)

    a. History/Social Science

    3 years (30 credits)

    3 years (1 year of World History*, 1 year of US History*, 1 year of Government*/Econ)

    b. English or English Language Development (ELD)

    4 years (40 credits)

    4 years of College-prep English* (ELD 5 may count for 1 year).

    c. Mathematics

    3 years (30 credits) of college prep math (including algebra & geometry)

    3 years including Algebra*, Geometry*, and Advanced Algebra/Algebra 2 or higher

    d. Laboratory Science

    3 years (30 credits) (1 year biological; 1 year physical; 1 year science elective)

    3 years (2 of the 3 must be a biological science or a physical science)

    e. World Language**

    2 year of the same language (10 credits) (Sign language may satisfy this requirement)

    2 years of the same language*

    f. Visual / Performing Arts

    1 year (10 credits)

    I year (10 credits)*

    g. College Prep Electives

    50 credits 

    1 year college prep elective* (“a-g” certified course) + 40 additional elective credits

    Physical Education

    20 credits (4 semesters)

    20 credits (4 semesters)


    ** Students may demonstrate proficiency in world language through an assessment test. Please ask your principal for additional information.