The Office of Instruction & Operational Alignment is responsible for ensuring the Superintendents’ work plan is operationalized by all departments, supporting the reduction in school related audit findings, improving the central office operations of enrollment, registration, quality attendance reviews, comprehensive safety protocols & procedures of schools and central office, LCFF forms, and ensuring that certificated and classified staff are properly informed and trained on California Education Code, board policies, and administrative regulations.


    The Office of Instruction & Operations also oversees the management and supervision of the Communications Department and the Office of the Ombudsperson.



    »   Consultation to the Superintendent on District Initiatives, alignment of Central Office nested work plans, and coordination with departments to modernize budgeting system

    »   Coordinate, creates, publish on public website, and mass distributes budget development handbook

    »   Support the coordination and serve on the District Budget Advisory Committee

    »   Coordinates central partners to support the management processing, increase in percentage, and collection of LCFF forms

    »   Coordinates with multiple departments the back to schools opening operations and activities

    »   Alignment of systems and structures to support continuous improvement of central services to school sites and departments

    »   Produces internal communication tools: R.I.S.E. newsletter for leaders and Nuts & Bolts Newsletter for clerical staff

    »   Provides a variety of workshops, trainings and consultations to principals & clerical staff

    »   Investigates, mediates, resolves, and responds to level 2 complaints

    »   Conducts attendance quality reviews at all school sites to reduce and eliminate audit findings

    »   Produces enrollment projections and offers consultations, recommendations and analysis of enrollment projections, trends, patterns of schools and overall district

    »   Creates, coordinates and mass distributes school registration materials; online trainings for staff

    »   Coordinate & oversees the internal district safety and security team

    »   Creates coordinates and mass distributes comprehensive safety protocols and procedures

    »   Creates, coordinates and mass distributes quality attendance management pamphlets and manuals

    »   Makes recommendations and modifications to administrative regulations, policies, and procedures

    »   Coordinates and align the work of multiple departments to ensure adherence to the agreement between Office of Civil Rights and OUSD is upheld

    »   Coordinates the August Leadership Institutes, All Administrators’ Meetings, and Principal Advisory Committee Meetings

    »   Supports the continuous improvement of central office deliver of services to school sites and departments

    »   Acts as a liaison between city, central departments and schools to resolve school related issues