• Parcel Tax Exemptions

    Measure G; Measure G1; Measure N


    2017-18 Parcel Tax Exemption Application
    DUE: 5 p.m. July, 17, 2017




    Oakland Unified School District offers the following Homeowner Exemptions for three parcel tax measures - Measure G ($195 per parcel); Measure G1 ( 120); Measure N ($120 per parcel):


     Measures G; G1; N

     Measure N & G1

    • Low-income Homeowner Exemption
    • Senior Citizen Exemption


    RENEW: 2017-18 Parcel Tax Exemption

    Homeowners who were already approved for an exemption in previous years must renew your exemption by completing the Parcel Tax Form enclosed with this letter. July 17, 2017 is the deadline to fill out and return your form, with the required documentation.


    APPLY: 2017-18 Parcel Tax Exemption

    Homeowners who qualify for the senior or low-income requirements must complete the attached Parcel Tax Exemption Application to avoid having this parcel tax appear on your 2017-18 Property Tax Bill. Return your application, with the required documentation by the July 17, 2017 deadline.






  • SUBMIT: Return Your Complete Paperwork

    All Parcel Tax Renewal Forms and Exemption Applications must be submitted by the July 17, 2017 deadline in the following ways:

    Mail or Drop-Off
    OUSD Fiscal Services Office
    1000 Broadway, Suite 450
    Oakland, CA 94607


  • Learn More

    Questions? Call the Parcel Tax Help Desk in English at 510.879.8884. For assistance in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Arabic, please call 510.879.8281.


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