Local Control and Accountability Plan

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    Foster Youth Advisory Committee: Monthly Meeting

    Tuesday, September 27, 5:30-8 pm


    Meeting ID: 816 5214 1010
    Passcode: 376561
    By Phone: 1-669-444-9171

    1) provide immediate support to individual foster students and caregivers who request it
    2) get updates about the implementation of the School Board/FYAC Resolution for Foster Youth Enrollment Access and Priority and offer additional feedback
    3) learn from Foster Youth Services about current foster youth enrollment, other key data, and program updates
    4) hear from partner agencies and organizations about what's new since our August 31 meeting and about resources available to students and caregivers in the month of October

    Sponsored by the District English Language Learners Subcommittee


    Designated and Integrated English Language Development in OUSD:

    A Workshop to Prepare for the Meeting of the District ELL Subcommittee

    Thursday, September 29, 5:30-6:45 pm


    You will learn how to answer the following questions:

    1. What are Integrated English Language Development and Designated English Language Development (ELD)? What is legally required in providing designated and integrated ELD to all English Learners, including Newcomers and English Language Learners with Disabilities?
    2. Where/how can parents and caregivers find information about Integrated and Designated ELD, both generally and as it is implemented in their schools and programs?
    3. How can parents and caregivers make sure that their students are receiving the English Language Development that they need?
    4. Who represents families at schools in making sure that students receive ELD?

    Meeting ID: 811 8707 7009
    Passcode: 698566  

    By Phone: 1-669-600-9128



    District English Language Learners Subcommittee: Monthly Meeting

    Thursday, September 29, 7:00-8:30 pm



    1. review the Superintendent’s responses to recommendations about monitoring access to English Language Development
    2. discuss with various OUSD administrators and staff how to make sure that the recommendations are implemented and produce positive outcomes for all English Language Learners

    Meeting ID: 811 8707 7009
    Passcode: 698566  

    By Phone: 1-669-600-9128



    Community Advisory Committee for Special Education


    Special Forum of the 2022 Candidates for OUSD School Board to discuss 

    Disability Justice for OUSD Students


    Monday, October 3, 6:30-8:30 pm. In-Person. Doors open and sign-in begins at 6pm. 

    Redwood Heights Elementary Auditorium, 4401 39th Ave, Oakland


    Link to the Flyer



    LCAP Parent and Student Advisory Committee


    The LCAP Parent and Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) is the voice for families and students from all of OUSD schools.  


    On September 21st, parent members of School Site Councils (SSCs) and Site English Language Learner Subcommittees (SELLS) began to nominate and elect who will represent their schools on PSAC. 


    The members of PSAC advise the School Board, the Superintendent, and other district leaders on the actions and investments that should be included in our Local Control and Accountability Plan or LCAP. They also make sure that those actions and investments are implemented and that they are effective.


    LCAP PSAC is a representative body. 60% of the schools in each electoral district of OUSD must have an SSC or SELLS parent member present at the summit for the elections to even take place.  


    LCAP PSAC brings together school site committee leaders, and the entire OUSD community, at its monthly meetings.  Join PSAC as a member or as a school representative to make sure that decisions about our investments meet the needs of all students and families. 


    We reached a quorum and elected members in electoral district 1. We still need additional schools represented for the remaining electoral districts. Elections will continue on October 19. 


    For more details, contact Cintya Molina at cintya.molina@ousd.org


    Slides with Basic LCAP and PSAC Info












    Link to Basic Information about LCAP and the LCAP Parent and Student Advisory Committee (PSAC)  


    To make requests or to get more information about meetings of the committees that advise on the LCAP, contact Cintya Molina at cintya.molina@ousd.org

    For more information about our Local Control and Accountability Plan, contact Diana Sherman at diana.sherman@ousd.org




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