• Use of Montera Facilities Outside of School Hours (Civic Center Request)

    Any use of the Montera school facilities for an activity outside of the school day requires the timely completion of an APPLICATION FOR USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES UNDER THE CIVIC CENTER ACT, otherwise known as a Civic Center Permit or Civic Center Request.  These forms are available in the school office on the forms holder opposite the mailboxes.  They are also available HERE.

    Completed forms should be returned to Yolanda Bullock, our Office Manager.  Please allow a minimum of three weeks to process these requests.  Events may not be placed on the school calendar without an approved Civic Center Request.

    Please note that any activities happening outside of school hours require a completed and approved Civic Center Request.  Any outside party wishing to utilize the school facilities must submit a completed request. This requirement also includes includes any school-sponsored activities occurring outside of school hours, such as clubs, after-school classes or sports, school dances, band concerts, parent meetings, etc.