• New Highland Academy is an amazing place to learn!
    Check out these testimonials from our community members!
    "What I like about this school is that all the teachers care about us."
    - 4th grade boy
    "I like this school because we do a lot of math and science projects, and we go on field trips, like to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We also have special occasions, like when the Raiders came here."
    - 5th grade boy
    "I like this school because I can learn about math and reading and I can do a mosaic from tile!"
    -3rd grade girl 
    "You know what I love about working here? The people I work with keep me going! I love the conversations, the interactions, and support- in everything! Discussions about life and politics- and the collaboration! I respect everyone I work with."
    - Donald Carter, teacher, 3rd grade  
    "At New Highland Academy, I feel that I can be truly creative and analytical in my work as a teacher. I am inspired by everyone around me- my students, other teachers, and our families. It is essential to know that the teachers at our school are true activists for social change. We have a strong bond and work very collaboratively together to bring the best possible experiences to our students. It feels like a true community here."
    - Alicia Arnold, Teacher, Visual Arts 
     "I like New Highland Academy because I get to spend time with my best friends and my favorite teachers. I like these people because I trust them. At school we do a lot of math, science, and reading groups. We do art with our art teacher, and in dance all the kids work together with balance and freezing."
    - 5th grade girl 
    "What I like about this school is we could play soccer, football, basketball, and tetherball at recess!"
    - 4th grade boy