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    2021 Sports Physical Exam Form



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    2. Create an account by clicking on the "SIGN UP" link in the top right corner, and follow all the propmpts.
    3. Use the FACILITY RENTAL INSTRUCTIONS in the above PDF to place your request online.
    4. For questions on the application beng submitted, please contact the facilitron Office Directly at 1-800-272-2962 Ex. 1.             ( Facilitron manages this site and process for OUSD)


    Medical Forms:
    The following OUSD form provides details for School Health Exam:
    All families are required to provide documentation verifying that their student has met state requirements for school immunizations.
    For students entering 7th and 8th grade, documentation must include 2 doses of the Varicella (chicken pox) vaccination as well as the Tdap booster shot in addition to the  other school required vaccinations.
    Regarding Covid vaccination requirements, I do not know if/when they will be required but the district will be providing updates.
    Students with medical conditions and/or needing access to medications during school hours
    The applicable form(s) should be completed, signed, and dated by both a medical provider and the parent. Copies of common school medical forms are attached at the bottom of this email. These forms need to be renewed annually
    • If families would like to authorize their child to self-carry/self administer medications such as inhalers, epipens, over the counter medications for cramps/headaches/allergies/medicated creams/ointments, etc. make sure the appropriate box on the form is checked. 
    • If families would like to have medications or a back-up supply kept in the nurse's office, please have an adult deliver the medication(s) to the school in the original, labeled container from the pharmacy along with the completed medical orders.
    • Controlled substances may not be self-carried and must be kept in a locked place at the school. A designated trained staff member will assist any student requiring access to controlled substances (such as ADHD medications) during school hours.
    Completed form(s) can be emailed to Nurse Hurt at elizabeth.hurt@ousd.org or hard copies of the form(s) may be delivered to the school to be given to the school nurse for review and processing.

    I will be checking my work emails as we near the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.
    If you require immediate assistance please contact Health Services at (510) 879-2742
    Nurse Hurt

    Important Forms for 8th Graders:





    PTO Forms: