Mr. Manny and students in the garden  

    Ecoliteracy at Cleveland

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    With guidance from Manuel Garcia ("Mr. Manny"), our dedicated Ecoliteracy Instructor, Cleveland students develop an intimate relationship with the natural world. Working in Cleveland's gardens, they learn about waste reduction, conservation, habitat protection, recycling, growing and preparing food, pollution reduction, and team work.

    Because they have a relationship with the natural world, Cleveland Students are motivated to act as Earth stewards.

    Cleveland's outdoor learning areas were built to promote the natural world as a classroom. Our campus boasts a Vegetable Garden, Redwood Garden, Flower and Herb Garden, Wildlife Garden, covered Outdoor Classroom, compost and worm bins, a greenhouse and a Mini-Orchard of almost one dozen fruit trees. 

                 Making Salad
               On Salad Day, students harvest vegetables from Cleveland's garden and make healthy,
                 delicious home-grown salads.

                Ecolit Cleaning Carrots    
                First graders harvest and clean Cleveland garden produce for Vegetable Soup Day.        

     LRH Day Drawing wheat  LRH Day grinding wheat
     LRH Day Flour  LRH Day Bread!
    Kindergarten classes love Little Red Hen Day, when they learn about each step for making bread,
    from growing
     wheat, to grinding kernels, and finally baking loaves in an outdoor brick oven.


    Cleveland received the 2009 School Garden of the Year Special Recognition Award
    from The California School Garden Network for Excellence in School Garden Instruction for
    creating and sustaining California school gardens to enhance academic achievement, a healthy
    lifestyle, environmental stewardship as well as community and social development. 

    Oakland FoodWeb:  Member and Pilot school of the Oakland Food Web.

    Bay Friendly Garden:  Certified water-wise and pesticide/herbicide free.  

            Ecolit Nature's Art
            Autumn beauty.  Garden art, inspired by landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy.