Oakland Unified School District is partnering with the County of Alameda to connect residents with free or low-cost health care as well as food assistance programs.
    If you or someone you know in Alameda County is uninsured, we can help you sign up at our office.
    A girl has her height measured at the doctor's office


    Who can apply?

    Any resident of Alameda County can apply. We serve all children and adults regardless of income level through Medi-Cal, CalFresh, HealthPAC, Kaiser Kids, and Covered California. 

    Eligibility for these programs depends on household size and income. To see which of the programs we can connect you with, please visit our health insurance eligibility guide and our food assistance eligibility guide. 

    What about immigration status?

    Any resident of Alameda County can apply, regardless of immigration status (all information regarding immigration status will be kept confidential).


    To visit the main page for Oakland Unified School District's wellness programs, click here.
    To visit the main page for information on school-based health centers, click here.

    For information on health services at Oakland Unified School District, click here.
    The Health Partnership Program is a collaboration between Oakland Unified School District, Alameda County Social Services Administration, Alameda County Health Care Services Administration, East Bay Innovations, and Lifelong Medical Care