• The Application Process:
    Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) has a School Options enrollment program. This requires all entering kindergarten, middle-school, and high-school students to submit an application to attend a school in the fall, even if they plan to attend the school in their neighborhood. 

    School Year 2021-2022: Late Enrollment Applications are being accepted now

    The late application window is open! The on-time application window closed on February 5, 2021.  
    For information on enrolling a student for next year, please visit www.ousd.org/enroll

    School Year 2022-23 Enrollment Application Period:

    The window to submit applications for the next school year is usually early November through late January. The enrollment application period for school year 2022-23 will be announced in autumn 2021. 

    All applications received during this window will be included in the Round 1 enrollment lottery. Applications after the application deadline will be processed after initial school assignments have been made. It is important to submit applications before the deadline.

    For updated information, please visit www.ousd.org/enroll

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Which students must apply?
      Students entering kindergarten (elementary school), sixth grade (middle school), and ninth grade (high school).

    Do students need to re-apply every year? Students already enrolled at a school do not need to reapply each year if they wish to continue attending the same school.
    Transfers: Requests for transfers to other OUSD schools (for the following fall) are also accepted during the open enrollment period.
    Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the OUSD enrollment office Welcome Center) is closed to the public.

    Helpful Links:

    OUSD Enrollment Portal: detailed information about this year's enrollment process
    OUSD Enrollment Contact Information (please note, the Welcome Center is closed until further notice)
    Oakland School Finder: enter your street address to find your neighborhood school
    Online Application: apply by February 5, 2021