• Afterschool Programs at Cleveland Elementary

    Oakland Leaf


    Oakland Leaf provides quality, culturally responsive, and free after-school programming for Cleveland Cubs. After school is a critical time of day for youth to further explore their interests and passions, develop their voice, and grow as students and individuals. Oakland Leaf daily afterschool programming is project-based and emphasizes:


    • Social-Emotional Learning & Critical Thinking

    • Creative Expression

    • Gardening and Connection with Nature 

    • Leadership Development & Social Justice 

    • Academic Support & Literacy 

    • Sports & Movement


    Oakland Leaf staff ensure safe and supportive communities for youth to thrive in and out of school.



    Jake Tane

    Oakland Leaf Afterschool Manager 


    Off-Site Afterschool Care Options:

    Mosswood Recreation Center, F.M. Smith Park & Recreation Center, and Lakeshore Children's Center and will pick up children from Cleveland and take them to off-site after school programs.  Contact the programs directly for more information to see if they are right for you:

    Mosswood Recreation Center
    F. M. Smith Recreation Center (walking distance from Cleveland)
    Updated 03/30/2023