Oakland High School plans and organizes all educational efforts around our Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs), which set our students on a path of being engaged citizens and life-long learners.

Upon graduation from Oakland High School, our Wildcats will be:

Academic achievers who:
  • Master the essential skills of reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Employ higher level thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, application, and evaluation 

Self-directed, responsible individuals who:

  • Make well-informed and appropriate decisions
  • Assess their personal and academic strengths and interests to set achievable goals
  • Use imaginative ideas to create products or performances across the curriculum
  • Develop interests and leadership qualities through participation in student government and co-curricular activities such as clubs and teams. 

Effective communicators who receive and express ideas through:

  • The use of technology to research and communicate ideas
  • Oral presentations, projects, performances and demonstrations
  • Interpersonal and intercultural communications and demonstrate the ability to:

                  * identify and research the source of student issues and concerns.

* posit necessary steps to making positive adjustments/change occur.

* write proposals that address concerns and possible solutions.

* present orally these proposals to the school’s governing bodies, such as Delegate Assembly (student), Principal Staff (faculty), School Site Council (faculty/student) and Faculty Council (faculty).

Community participants who respect others by:


  • Behaving in an appropriate manner and resolving conflicts through positive actions
  • Demonstrating knowledge and appreciation of a diverse school population
  • Working in collaborative groups without prejudice or discrimination
  • Using student government to develop, express, and act on their concerns 
  • Improving the quality of life in both the school and greater community through service learning, classroom-related projects, and club activities.