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     Madison Park Academy (MPA) is a 6th-12th grade school serving the East Oakland community since 1959.  MPA was named after President James Madison, the 4th president of the United States, who was considered the most influential contributor to the United States Constitution.  The school colors are blue and gold.  The school mascot is the Trojan Warrior whose strength is symbolic of the school’s spirit. 

    Madison Park Engineering and Graphic Design Academy serves 800 students in grades 6-12. Our school campus is located in the Sobrante Park neighborhood of East Oakland and has been serving the community since 1958..

    80.7% of our students are Latino, 14.5% African American, 1.4% Pacific Islander, 1.3% Asian, and the remainder white or mixed race. 77.4% of our students speak Spanish at home.

    The cultural impact of our community is a significant strength at MPA.  Students, staff, and community have helped to create a secure, safe, lively and nurturing environment which promotes mutual respect and self-esteem.  

    MPA Mission and Vision

    MPA’s vision is that our students graduate prepared for college and career as curious, innovative, creative problem solvers who demonstrate character and strive to build a more just community for themselves and others. Our mission is to know all of our students well, and in so doing, provide them with engaging opportunities for relevant, authentic, interdisciplinary, project-based learning situations, both within and beyond our walls.

    Our school-wide theme is “Pride. Purpose. Possibilities. Perseverance.”

Last Modified on December 3, 2018