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    (Published November 2013) 
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    Madison Park Business & Art Academy is a TK-5 through 12th grade school. TK-5, Middle & High schools are serving the East Oakland community since 1959.  MPA was named after President James Madison, the 4th president of the United States, who was considered the most influential contributor to the United States Constitution.  The school colors are blue and gold.  The school mascot is the Trojan (Warriors) whose strength is symbolic of the school’s spirit. 

    According to the Student Accountability Report Card (SARC) Madison is comprised of Latino 49.7%, African American 45.9%, Pacific Islanders 2.3%, and Asians 2.1%.

    The cultural impact of our community is a significant strength at MPA.  Students, staff, and community have helped to create a secure, safe, lively and nurturing environment which promotes mutual respect and self-esteem.  Students new to the school come from several feeder schools from around the district, or from any part of the world.  Our students speak a variety of languages.  We have worked this year to create a strong English Language Learners (ELL) Program for students whose families speak a language other than English and who do not yet have adequate reading and writing skills.  We will offer a self-contained New-Comer Program for students new to this country, in addition to intermediate and advanced English Language Development classes for those students prior to reclassification.  We will engage our Gifted and Talented (GATE) students by developing a comprehensive Gate Program.  We are proud of our interventions classes, given to all students needing support.

                We are committed to the process of restructuring.  Our school environment and delivery of instruction has changed to reflect the developmental levels of our students.  All staff, students, and parents are members of ONE team, creating a “school within a school.”  Staff development in all areas has focused on increasing our repertoire of age-appropriate strategies.  We will continue to train staff in teaching of reading comprehension, differentiated instruction, integrated writing, the use of technology, cross-curricular collaboration, teacher accountability, district and state standards, collaboration around our school-wide focus on “literacy – reading and writing,” and building strong PLC teams.  We will incorporate new strategies in interpreting data, and using this valued information to drive instruction, increase rigor, and support curriculum an engage students.  We will expose our student to the college going culture through college days, and college field trip.  We want them to achieve beyond high school.

                The district’s position regarding retention and remediation policies will cause us to re-double our efforts to more fully motivate and involve under-achieving students and their parents.  We have implement extended-day school activities for all students, and skill-boosting programs which we will continue to revise and refine.  We will continue to manage and expand existing service programs on site.  We offer a comprehensive Safe Passage Program complete with a case manager, psychologist, therapist, and counselors to address the needs of our students in the areas of their psychological, emotional, as well as, their social and ethical needs.  Our campus has also been selected to house a comprehensive community clinic.

                School improvement efforts are guided by the School Site Council, which will meet monthly to formulate, implement, and evaluate our School’s Plan for Student Achievement.  Throughout the year the faculty and parents will examine the school achievement data, interpret it, and use it to evaluate our progress, set goals, and revise programs.  Based on the data, one of our areas of emphasis is improving the skills of our English learners.  The Mathematics department will re-design their courses to include Algebra and Geometry classes in eighth grade.

    We are pleased to embrace our school-wide theme for this year: “Pride. Purpose. Possibilities.”

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