• We Are Serious About Your Child's Education!
    Burckhalter Elementary conforms its curriculum and instruction to the standards established by the California State Department of Education. For more information about those standards, click here.
    Using State standards as a starting point, educators at Burckhalter Elementary weave arts, history and cultural curriculum into the academic curriculum to provide comprehensive educational opportunities for our students.
    Intensive and rotating arts and theater, physical education, tutoring and social development programs are offered in the school's after-school program. Click here to learn more about Burckhalter's after-school program.
    “We believe in children … we believe in them by expecting a lot from all people and not just a little from a few. And we believe in them by not blaming parents, government or environment…But most of all, we believe in them by not believing we can begin to conceptualize the boundaries of their potential.”
    Excerpt from Principal Leadership Institute: Prayer for Children, Maureen Benson, 2006