We know that parents of middle schools in Oakland have many choices, and we thank you for exploring Roosevelt.  Here are six reasons why families choose Roosevelt.


    1. Joy - Students are happy at Roosevelt.  Just walk through our hallways and see for yourself!
    2. Community - Students are taught how to build strong communities and how to be community leaders.
    3. Academic challenge - Because we are a personalized learning school, students who are on grade level or advanced are challenged to reach even greater academic heights.
    4. Safety - Suspensions have dropped by 85% in the last eight years and all instances of bullying are resolved immediately.  
    5. Leadership - The Roosevelt principal is the most senior principal of the 13 OUSD middle schools; one of the most experienced of all middle schools in Oakland, district and charter.
    6. Teachers - Roosevelt carefully selects its teachers through a rigorous process to ensure we hire people who are good role models and strong instructors who continually seek to improve their craft.



    • Because we are a public school, there is no tuition for the day program.
    • There are some fees for the afterschool program, with scholarships for those who need financial support.




    If your child is currently enrolled as a 5th grader in an OUSD school:

    1.  Get an options form from the Roosevelt main office or from your elementary school.
    2.  On the form, list "Roosevelt Middle School" as your first option.
    3.  Submit the form and any additional information by mid-January to any OUSD school or to 746 Grand Ave, Portable A.

    More information on OUSD enrollment can be found here.


    If you wish to enroll your child to Roosevelt:

    1.  Call the OUSD Welcome Center at 510-879-4600 or email at enroll@ousd.org.
    2.  Ask for your child to be enrolled at Roosevelt Middle School.


    For more information contact Roosevelt School Counselor Nina Meeks at (510) 535-2877 x235 or nina.gardner-meeks@ousd.org.

Reasons to Join Roosevelt!

Last Modified on July 11, 2020