• All-City Council Mission & Vision Statement

    2010-11 ACC OfficersAll City Council (ACC) seeks to create positive change in our schools. We amplify student voice by serving as a bridge between adult decision makers and the student body. We are a diverse team of student leaders who represent or are elected by the masses of students at our schools. ACC organizes campaigns and activities to serve the assessed need or our constituents; including addressing internalized, interpersonal, and institutional oppression in our daily lives and the daily functioning of our schools and working towards solutions.

    We envision:

    1) A strong, unified All City Council (ACC) with open and constant communication with the student body, that functions as a powerful student union. ACC has the power to make its voice heard on all issues that impact students and is supported by an Office of Student Engagement with it’s own space, website, and budget.

    2) Schools where student’s outlook on school is transformed by engaging in leadership. Students get the support and classes they need from the District, administration, teachers, parents, and community to be job-ready and college-ready, artistically expressive, leaders, and role models.

    3) A District where students are involved in decision making on policies relating to all issues impacting students (such as budget, buildings and grounds, curriculum, discipline, etc…) and sit on hiring panels.

    4) A District where leadership has formal place during the school-day as well as in a multitude of quality after school and community based programs where many students participate in improving their schools and communities.

Last Modified on June 1, 2010