• The "a-g" Requirements - What Students & Families Need to Know

    Currently, too many Oakland students are not graduating high school ready for the challenges of college or the workplace.

    • Only 35 percent of Oakland’s high school seniors graduate with the necessary coursework to attend college each year.
    • The numbers are even lower for students of color, low-income and special education students, immigrants, and English Language Learners.

    In an effort to increase educational equity and provide challenging academics to all students, the OUSD Board of Education voted in June 2009 to align OUSD’s high school graduation requirements with state public college entrance requirements, called the "a-g" standards, to go into effect in the fall of 2011.
    What are the "a-g" Requirements?
    • The University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems require entering freshmen to complete certain courses in high school. These courses are called the "a-g" requirements because of the letter each subject area is assigned: "a" is for History/Social Science, "b" is for English, and so on. 
    • While any student wishing to enter a four-year public college in the State of California must meet the "a-g" standard; knowledge acquired through the "a-g" curriculum is now a prerequisite for many employment positions that had far less stringent requirements a generation or two ago.
    • Research demonstrates that having a higher standard of education for students is critical to students’ personal and academic development, as well as competitiveness in an increasingly global and technology-based economy.
    • OUSD’s "a-g" graduation policy goes into effect in the fall of 2011, when all ninth graders - the graduating class of 2015 - will automatically be enrolled in courses required by the UC and CSU systems.

    For more information on
    "a-g" or OUSD Graduation Requirements,
    please contact the College & Career Readiness Office:

    phone: (510) 273-2360

    Please visit the College & Career Readiness Office Website for more information about preparing OUSD students for success in college and career.