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    A student who is sick, tired, depressed, stressed out, or scared is less likely to do well in school. Although adolescence is an ideal time to promote health and well-being, teens are less likely than other age groups to seek out traditional health services. Furthermore, many Frick students do not have health insurance or a primary care provider.

    The Frick School Health & Wellness Center is a community resource for convenient, high-quality health services for students and families of Frick Impact Academy and the surrounding community. Services include: Medical Services, Dental Services, Health Education, Counseling, Case Management, Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance, School Nurse, Health Educatoin, and Youth Development.

    Services are provided at no cost and the health center serves everyone, no-one is turned away. 
    Services are for available for children, teens, and adults. Native American Health Center provides doctors and nurses, and dental services are provided by licensed dentists. The Frick Health & Wellness Center can even serve clients whose primary care physicians are not at the Frick clinic.

    The Frick School Based Health Center is run by the East Bay Agency for Children in partnership with Native American Health Center, Alameda County Health Care Services, and Oakland Unified School District.

    Medical Services
    • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
    • First aid for minor injuries
    • Physical exams (general, sports, pre-employment)
    • Immunizations
    • Confidential reproductive health services
    • Screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs & HIV)
    • Scoliosis exams
    • Referrals to other health providers and professionals

    The Medical Clinic is open every Tuesday
    Dental Services

    • Exams
    • Cleanings and sealants
    • Fluoride treatments
    • Oral health education
    • Referrals to specialists

    School Nurse
    • Health risk assessment
    • Vision and hearing screening
    • Support for IEPs, 504 and other mandated services
    • Support with chronic illness and medication administration
    • Special education assessment

    • Transition to high school
    • Crisis intervention
    • Grief and anxiety counseling
    • Family and peer support
    • Substance abuse
    • Case management
    • Individual and group sessions

    Health Education
    • Nutrition and healthy living
    • Puberty, hygiene and body awareness
    • Pregnancy prevention
    • HIV/STI prevention
    • Human sexuality
    • Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco issues

    Youth Development
    • Peer health educators
    • Young men’s groups
    • Gardening
    • In class health education
    • Lunchtime sports leagues

    Enrollment Services
    • Medi-Cal, HealthPac and other health insurances
    • CalFresh

    The Frick School Health & Wellness Center 
    2845 64th Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94605

    For more information contact the health center directly at 510-639-3386 or contact frickhealthcenter@ebac.org

Last Modified on July 20, 2016