• Staying on Track

    Now that you are a sophomore, and are a little more grown up, you have even more responsibilities and are maybe thinking about getting a part time job. But you're still not finished with high school, so it is very important to check if you are on track towards graduation. Here are some things you should be looking out for:
    • Am I passing all my classes with a C or better?

      This one is kind of obvious, but the first step to ensuring you receive your diploma come June of Senior year, is to make sure you have passed all your classes in 9th grade with a minimum grade of a C. However, remember that in the 4-point scale, if you get all D's the highest GPA you can get is 1.0, so having all D's does not help meet your 2.0 minimum GPA requirement.

    • Have I done community service towards my 40 hour service learning requirement?

      Don't get bogged down on this one, you do community service all the time already. Staying after school to help with tutoring, taking your teacher's recycling to the recycling bin, helping a soup kitchen, all these things count, and not only that, they make you feel good on the inside too! Whatever your service learning hours go, make sure you document everything and take down the name of an adult who can sign off on your  participation.

    • Have I taken the practice CAHSEE?

      Passing the CAHSEE is a state-wide requirement, so the sooner you pass it the better. This year will be your first opportunity to get it over with for good. You can go to the California Department of Education website to look at released test questions to prepare you for what is on the CAHSEE. Click  here for Math released questions, and here for released English Language Arts questions.
Last Modified on January 22, 2012