• Sojourner Truth is a K-12 public alternative school, located on a sunny campus right off of highway 580 not far from the Oakland Zoo. Our students come from all over Oakland to take advantage of our nurturing, supportive environment. 


    We offer two different academic options to ensure our students' success.


    Independent Study Program (ISP) Our ISP program allows students to study at their own pace individually and in small groups. ISP high school students meet with teachers several hours per week in small groups, but are responsible for doing most of their learning independently. Open classrooms and cozy spaces are provided for students who are not in a scheduled meeting to gather together or study on their own. Students also complete learning activities at home. Academic content is provided in a variety of ways that include textbooks, learning on-line, labs, and small group and partnered projects and activities. 


    Electronic Learning Program (ELP) This is a half day program that meets four days a week. Academic content is accessed through an online service and students take two classes at a time. Students can move through these classes at their own pace and begin a new class whenever they complete one. Four teachers support students in this environment with individual tutoring, coaching, and mini-workshops. Many students use this program to graduate early and move on to 2 or 4 year colleges.


    All Sojourner Truth students get an personal learning contract, based on their individual needs. Each student is encouraged to play an active role in determining their own path to success.



    Sojourner Truth is a great alternative to conventional high school for students who prefer a small school environment, like to work at their own pace without distractions or have obligations in the morning or afternoon that make completing school work in the evenings ideal.


    We believe that All. The. Kids. have  a right to a safe, successful and personalized learning experience.


Last Modified on January 18, 2018