Tara Asciutto Tara Asciutto

    Form of Address: Ms. Asciutto

    Pronouns: she/her

    Email: tara.asciutto@ousd.org 

    Phone: (510) 879-2304


    Ms. Asciutto received her BA in Sociology from SFSU and her Masters in Education and teaching credential from Mills College.


    Kajal Chowdhury Kajal Chowdhury

    Form of Address: Ms. Chowdhury

    Pronouns: she/her

    Email Address: kajal.chowdhury@ousd.org 

    Website: LSJ Website

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Ms. Chowdhury has her Bachelor of Science in Finance from University of Central Florida and her Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. Her teaching credential is from CSU East Bay and she also holds a Career Technical Education Teaching Credential in Public Service from UC Berkeley.


    Bikku Kuruvila Bikku Kuruvila

    Form of Address: Mr. Kuruvila

    Pronouns: he/him

    Email Address: bikku.kuruvla@ousd.org

    Website: https://sites.google.com/view/bikku-kuruvila/home 

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Mr. Kuruvila earned a BA in Political Economy from Stanford University. He went on to receive the following degrees and credentials: Masters in City, Regional Planning, Cornell University; JD, Cornell Law School; Teaching Credential, CSU East Bay.


    Mallory Logan Mallory Logan

    Form of Address: Ms. Logan

    Pronouns: she/her

    Email Address: mallory.logan@ousd.org 

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Ms. Logan earned her BA in English and History from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and her master's degree in History from Brooklyn College.


    Emily Macy Emily Macy

    Form of Address: Ms. Macy


    Email Address: emily.macy@ousd.org 

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Ms. Macy received her BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Berkeley and her teaching credential from SF State.


    Cole Margen Cole Margen 

    Form of Address: Mr. Margen

    Pronouns: he/they

    Email Address: cole.margen@ousd.org 

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Mr. Margen got his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and minored in Russian at the University of Montana in Missoula. They earned their M. Ed. from Mills College.


    Megan Ong

    Form of Address: Ms. Ong

    Pronouns: she/they

    Email Address: megan.ong@ousd.org

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Ms. Ong attended UC San Diego, where she earned a BA in International Studies with a minor in Theatre. She then received her MA in East Asian Area Studies from USC. Ms. Ong earned their MA in Education and teaching credential from UC Berkeley.


    Molly Perlmutter Molly Perlmutter

    Form of Address: Ms. Perlmutter

    Pronouns: Pronouns: she/her

    Email Address: miriam.perlmutter@ousd.org 

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Ms. Perlmutter has her BA and Masters in Education from Harvard University.


    Rachel Reinhard Rachel Reinhard

    Form of Address: Dr. Reinhard

    Pronouns: she/her

    Email Address: rachel.reinhard@ousd.org 

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Dr. Reinhard is a graduate of the DC Public schools and majored in American Studies at Barnard College in New York City. She has a Ph.D. in US History from UC Berkeley, where she studied the Black freedom struggle.


    Ruben Rodriguez Ruben Rodriguez

    Form of Address: Mr. Rodriguez


    Email Address: ruben.rodriguez@ousd.org 

    Phone Number: (510) 879-2304


    Mr. Rodriguez received both his BA and master's degrees from Holy Names University.


    Jacob Rukin Jacob Rukin

    Form of Address: Mr. Rukin

    Pronouns: he/him

    Email Address: jacob.rukin@ousd.org 

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Mr. Rukin earned his degree in Political Science from the University of Illinois, and a Master of Public Policy degree from UC Berkeley.


    Jesse Shapiro Jesse Shapiro

    Form of Address: Shapiro

    Pronouns: he/him 

    Email Address: jesse.shapiro@ousd.org 

    Phone number: (510) 879-2304


    Shapiro earned his BA in Ethnic Studies from Portland State University, and his teaching credential from San Francisco State University. 


    Isabel Toscano Isabel Toscano

    Form of Address: Ms. Toscano

    Pronouns: she/her

    Email Address: isabel.toscano@ousd.org 

    Phone number: (510) 872-3467


    Ms. Toscano received her AA in Administration of Justice from Ohlone Community College and her BA in Social Science from UC Berkeley.  Her teaching credential is from CSU East Bay.



Last Modified on August 2, 2023