• Oakland High School Environmental Sciences Student



    Our Environmental Science Academy provides students with hands-on experience in the fields of Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Engineering, Medicine, and Humanities. Experiential learning opportunities include weekly field work to monitor water quality at Lake Merritt and study tours exploring Catalina Island. Students engage in scientic analysis, inquiry, and service with an emphasis on real-world experiences.


    The Environmental Science Academy (ESA) is a California Partnership Academy. As part of a smaller learning community within the comprehensive high school, our students follow a common academic program that emphasizes academics and careers in environmental science.
    A student-operated field station at Lake Merritt provides focus and incentive for learning the principles and practice of environmental stewardship.  We take students out into the environment for study, community service and enjoyment of our natural surroundings.
    The Academy works with business and governmental agencies to align our curriculum with the requirements of colleges and the workplace. We are part of the California Community Colleges SB70 Environmental Career Preparation Program.

Last Modified on October 24, 2018