In January 2010, Sankofa Academy was selected to participate in a program partnered with the Oakland Schoolyard Initiative.
    Playground Design

    Inspired by similar efforts in Boston, the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)
    created the Oakland Schoolyard Initiative (OSI) in December 2007. The OSI was launched after the Oakland Board of Education passed unanimously a resolution that formalized the OUSD's commitment to, support of, and participation in the initiative. Since April 2008, the ini
    tiative has moved forward with its goal to revitalize 10 schoolyards and adjacent parks to create vibrant, safe places for the children in Oakland to play and learn. At the foundation of this four-year vision is a commitment to involving the community in the planning process, leveraging both private and public funds, and increasing collaboration in maintenance and programs, to ensure the final products reflect the needs and assets of the neighborhoods in which they are built.

    The initiative's three basic goals are to:
    1. Engage parents, youth, and teachers in the redesign of play-yards to create a sense of ownership and ensure they are conducive to play.

    2. Leverage and make the best of existing money and find new resources to ensure maximum impact.

    3. Develop structured programming to help with safety and maintenance as well as create lasting forums for student engagement.

    Presented by David Kakishiba, Executive Director, East Bay Asian Youth Center