• To re-establish PLACE @ Prescott as the center of our West Oakland community by transforming into a “Full-Service Community School” as defined in OUSD’s new 5-year strategic plan! In addition to providing access to effective, high-quality instruction with
    PLACE @ Prescott acting as the “hub of activity” in the community, our  students and their families will have access to health, physical activity, nutrition, medical, dental, recreation, housing, employment and language acquisition supports, services and resources.


    Our teachers are dedicated to the idea that an inquiry-based approach to instruction develops the higher order thinking skills and academic proficiency needed for our students to become life-long learners.   We believe it is equally important to foster the development of personal and social responsibility of every student by instituting structures that promote self-respect, positive social interactions and community involvement.


    In order to realize this vision, PLACE @ Prescott faculty and staff seek to create a unique school culture by focusing our efforts on what is best for the whole child within a context of academic and cultural excellence! Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is the foundation from which students accept and affirm their cultural identity while developing critical perspectives that challenge inequities. The “Nsaka Sunsum” is a West African (Twi language) term meaning to connect deeply with the essence (spirit) of someone. With the application of specific cultural ideas and techniques designed to establish a teaching and learning environment wherein a teaching/learning process is created to help the teacher connect deeply with the spirit of the student so as to animate, arouse, affect and influence the student’s feelings, thoughts and actions in the service of learning and thereby ignite the student’s desire to know and embrace a passion for learning.


    We also recognize the value in linguistic competency. To that end, we support the continuance and growth of our Bilingual program with hopes of fully evolving to become a language-immersion school where ALL students gain competency in both their home language and an additional language.

Last Modified on July 14, 2011