• At PLACE @ PRESCOTT, children are nurtured and challenged to be avid scholars, fluent readers and writers of both Academic English as well as their home language, expressive and powerful orators who can communicate effectively to multiple audiences, and thoughtful and visionary leaders of the world.  Students are empowered members of both their local and global communities and have the skills, resilience, and pride to strive for excellence in all they attempt and achieve.


    We will do this by:

    §  creating and implementing learning experiences that touch the spirit of each child – their creative genius and cultural roots

    §  accelerating their mastery of essential skills and knowledge by focusing on concept development and critical thinking

    §  building close relationships with our students and their families so there is trust and openness as we collaborate to support our children

    §  ensuring our children feel safe and loved at school with multiple adult allies and advocates

    §  honoring each child’s home language and using the stories, the language, and the experiences of the child as the foundation from which they grow to enable them to use their knowledge base as they return to their West Oakland “roots”

    §  developing a school-wide focus around the STEM concept – science, technology, engineering, and math through the lens of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.


    …The culture of African American people defines and determines educational excellence for African American children. In effect, culture should be understood as a significant intellectual and pedagogical tool which directly influences teaching and learning. Hence, every aspect of the educational process for African American children (i.e., curriculum, classroom management, site leadership, learning styles, instructional techniques, etc.) will benefit from the infusion and/or application of the students’ culture…” (CACSEA 2001)


Last Modified on July 25, 2017