• Local Business Utilization (LBU) Policy

    In December of 2008, the Oakland Unified School District implemented the Local, Small Local, and Small Local Resident Business Enterprise Program (S/SL/SLRBE) with the primary goal of stimulating economic development for Oakland residents and businesses by partnering with the local community, especially groups that have been historically disadvantaged, and harnessing local resources to achieve maximum local benefits.


    In 2014, the S/SL/SLRBE policy was amended to raise the Local Business Utilization to 50% participation on OUSD Capital Projects.


    In 2021, the District amended the policy to accept certifications from other local agencies for businesses that are based in Oakland. Please click here to view the 2021 policy amendment.


    If you would like to review the summary document of the 2021 amendment that outlines steps to meet the local business requirements, please click here.


    Measure Y Program Update & Contract Opportunities Meetings


    On June 22, 2021, OUSD hosted a virtual outreach meeting to provide information on upcoming contract opportunities with the District. Over the next several years there will be multiple constructions, professional service, and vendor contracts funded by Measure Y and deferred maintenance projects overseen by the Building & Grounds department. The District’s Local Business Consultants: Luster National, Inc., and Lowe Consulting Group, Inc. facilitated the meeting. Please click the link below to view the recording of the meeting, Q&A, and list of meeting attendees. If you have questions regarding the District’s Local Business Program, please contact Phillip Lang at plang@luster.com.


    Feel free to review the presentation, questions asked, or view the list of participants for this event by following this link.


    If you would like to review the Measure Y 06/22 Meeting summary report, please click here.

  • If you have any questions regarding the LBU Narrative or Monitoring Reports, please feel free to contact Andrea Lowe at alowe@lowecg.com.

  • Quarterly Reports

Last Modified on February 22, 2022