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    In Oakland Unified School District, the Special Education Department is charged with educating students who have learning disabilities or exceptional cognitive or physical needs and who are made eligible for services through an Individual Education Program (IEP). Special Education provides services and support in district, alternative and select charter schools to all identified students from from infancy through age 22. Services include Specialized Academic Instruction, Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Assistive Technology, Adaptive Physical Education, mental health services, behavior intervention and assessment, career-transition services, and low incidence services for students with visual, hearing and orthopedic impairments. 
    Oakland Unified has about 6,500 identified Special Education students, and the Special Education Office conducts over 8000 Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings each year. We operate a full continuum of programs to meet the needs of our amazing, diverse students--from inclusion to specialized, self-contained settings--with at least one Special Education professional in every OUSD public school. In addition to our school-based programs, Special Education operates a preschool center, a diagnostic assessment center, home and hospital instruction, and a Young Adult Program that provides community-based instruction for eligible students aged 18-22. 
    We believe that every student deserves recognition, attention and respect, and all students must be offered rigorous academic programs and classrooms that support high achievement. Our mission is to ensure that all school communities and departments embrace students with disabilities and provide evidence-based supports and resources to ensure that every student thrives!


    Site Assignments for students who are transitioning to a new grade level band for the 2022-23 School Year (i.e. ECE-K, 5-6, 8-9) will be available in Schoolmint starting Thursday, March 11th.

    The District is no longer accepting waitlist requests.

    If you have a concern about your student's placement or school assignment, please reach out to your student's case manager and/or request for an IEP meeting.

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