• Academic, Artistic and Interpersonal Excellence


    “A vision without a task is but a dream. A task without a vision is mere drudgery. A vision with a task can change the world.”                                             

    –Black Elk

    Our vision:

    New Highland Academy graduates are creative thinkers, effective communicators and compassionate members of their community. They attain academic excellence and develop powerful thinking skills. Students communicate effectively through oral and written English and a variety of arts and technology media. They are compassionate citizens possessing strong social-emotional skills and confidence in their own capacity to learn and achieve.



    Our mission

    Through a program that includes rigorous, differentiated and culturally relevant academic instruction, arts integration, social/emotional skill building and support, and strong, positive connections with families, New Highland Academy students will achieve proficiency or better in all subject areas.

    Our guiding principles:

    • Every child can learn and succeed.

    • Children and adults are both learners and teachers.

    • Social and emotional development is integral to academic success.

    • Integrating arts into the curriculum fosters high achievement.

    • Students who speak more than one language are empowered communicators.

    • Strong ties with families support student success.


    Our Commitment to Teachers:

    • A school culture that values and nurtures collaboration and reflection.

    • Input in developing school program, policies and professional development.

    • Student/teacher ratio of 20:1 at grades K-4, and 25:1 at grade 5.

    • Adequate classroom supplies and yearly stipends for materials and resources.

    • Two yearly retreats for community building, collaboration, reflection and planning.

    • Periodic release time each year for peer observation/coaching.

    • Weekly grade-level collaboration time.


    Our Staff Culture:

    • We assume positive intent and seek first to understand.
    • We appreciate the contributions and efforts of others.
      • We're open to and respectfully provide critical feedback.


      • We maximize collaborative opportunities across and within grade levels and content areas.


    • We support and take responsibility for the direction and development of the whole school.


    Help implement New Highland Academy's vision, beliefs and school culture.

    Maintain a solution-oriented attitude, positive energy and proactive disposition.

Last Modified on September 14, 2017