• School Culture and Climate
    Working to ensure academic and social success for every student!

      We have established a college going culture and every classroom will be named after a college or university.  Once a week we will have school culture assemblies to perform college cheers, celebrate birthdays, honor student academic and social achievement with Shining Star Awards, Classroom presentations and skits for the monthly core value and celebrate diversity.

      Avenue Elementary School was identified as one of the top 10 safest public schools within the city of Oakland out of 110 schools included in the study! We have embraced the Noah Salzman "Effective Behavioral Management System" throughout our school, establishing common rules and procedures that are consistent. We will have ongoing training to support staff in effective implementation. We will continue to support the focus of a positive school climate through the use of classroom meetings, training teachers how to lead class morning meetings, training in Second Step anti violence and bullying curriculum and efficacy. We will continue to use Ann Martin counselors and interns to support individual and group needs. Parent trainings will be held several times a year. Playground supervision is critical. Students will be taught conflict resolution skills and encouraged to play non competitive games with the  noon supervisor. Students will take initiative to keep their campus safe and clean by participating in trash pick at lunch time, the Green Team Recycling Program and hallway and bathroom monitors. 
      Our attendance goal is 98%. Classroom teachers will take accurate and timely attendance.
      Students will be awarded for perfect attendance for the trimester and have their names entered into a drawing for a big prize(such a s a bicycle donated by community groups such as Faith Network).  In addition,  the grade level class with the best attendance will keep a trophy in their classroom for a month.  Our staff will establish communication, goal setting, and monitoring for chronically tardy or absent students. An attendance compliance officer will support the school through monthly SART and SARB meetings, reaching out to community and educating parents about rights and responsibilities.

Last Modified on July 28, 2010