• English, Writing, Math, and Science
    Working to ensure academic and social success for every student!

      Our plan includes continuing to utilize a reading specialist to provide small group pull out as well as collaborative support to classroom teachers. We will continue to utilize a classroom teacher to provide technology support throughout campus and computer lab as well as guidance in the library. We plan to bring in a content coach to support reading instruction for teachers in the way of staff development, demonstration lessons, coaching and data analysis. We will continue to use Reading partners to support literacy and support our student driven reading with Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) for 15 minutes daily. We will also utilize our Experience Corp volunteers to provide individual tutoring to identified students. We will support school wide literacy by using the Accelerated Reader Software or other ELA intervention and growth tracking system. Field trips will be planned to be aligned with the Open Court Reading themes to enhance student understanding of the curriculum. Parent trainings will be held throughout the year to support parents in their understanding of data analysis, reading support and intervention strategies.

    • WRITING:
      We plan to have consistent use of grade level writing rubrics used by all teachers and students. We will use weekly collaboration time to focus in on evaluating student writing, identifying anchor papers, and establing rubrics. We will use protocols to discuss student work, and  to facilitate conversations. Staff development will support best practices in writing. Teachers will be encouraged to participate in the Bay Area Writing Projects and collaborate with colleagues at other sites that have successful student writing programs integrated into the curriculum.

      We will continue to implement  the Si Swun Math Program and provide individual staff development for teachers in order to build their skill set with the program. Use of math journals, manipulatives, integration of Invision Matn, GATE strategies, and calendar math, will create strong connections of math throughout the day. Math will be supported through online intervention programs or software, such as Net tracker, and SRA Open Court Connections of math through Art lessons. Experience Corp volunteers as well as tutors can also provide additional one on one support for identified students.

    • SCIENCE:
      We will move to having a  science prep teacher for all grades to teach FOSS and other grade level science activities. The science prep teacher will lead the  science fair , the after school science component, art curriculum through science.  The science prep teacher will also lead the development of a school garden as students grow vegetables tied to health and nutrition curriculum and native gardening to support the Bay Friendly eco system. Community resources will be sought out to support these goals and experts brought in from the community to share their knowledge. Field trips will be scheduled that support the science state standards and framework. We will send 4th grade students to Mosaic camp in the Spring.

      We  will reach our goal by utilizing the reading specialist and our bilingual Instructional Assistant to provide small group pull out of at risk students and  provide regular assessment data to staff and re-leveling English Language Development and Academic English Development groups in English for learning and Writing for learning. Teachers will continue to collaborate and teach ELD during a uniformed time to enable cross class participation. Students will be provided intensive support in order to develop basic skills. Students will use supplemental materials and provided time to build oral language through the use of Rosetta Stone English software.

Last Modified on August 14, 2009