• About Us

    Piedmont Avenue Elementary School is a beautiful North Oakland school serving 355 students in grades K-5. Staff and community work diligently to provide standards-based reading and math instruction for all of our students. To educate the whole child, we also offer extracurricular activities such as instrumental music, percussion, dance, computers and art. We emphasize a college-going culture and all classrooms are named after colleges and universities.

    We at Piedmont Avenue Elementary School believe every child can develop a love of learning.We believe every teacher can stimulate our students' minds in ways that will promote learning and successful achievement. We believe that every student can achieve beyond average academic skills. Instead our students will develop high level critical thinking, problem solving, and social skills to achieve personal excellence while preparing for higher education and to participate in a global society with respect for diversity.

    Students love learning and are taught in ways that prepare them to make unlimited academic and personal success. To accomplish our vision we will work to build a community and culture of high expectations for students, staff, families, and extended community partners.We seek to accomplish this through the use a standards-based, data-driven approach to planning and differentiation of instruction.All faculty and support staff members commit to cohesive and aligned instructional practice, to the principles of collaboration and equity.Our family partnership plan involves families in high levels of data inquiry and supports their development as partners in academic achievement.Our Extended Learning Program provides targeted academic support, enrichment that includes Technology, performing and visual arts, and recreation in addition to multiple leadership opportunities.


    • 60% African American
    • 13% Latino
    • 11% Multicultural
    • 7% Asian
    • 7% White
    We celebrate diversity with monthly multicultural days and regular potlucks. 17 languages are spoken on campus!

    Demographic data is based on enrollment for 2008/09 academic year.

Last Modified on April 9, 2010