• Child Nutrition


    Picture: Qi Ya Ma Qi Yu Ma
    Food Services Assistant
    Skyline High School


    Qi Yu Ma, has a gem of wisdom to share from her 13 years with OUSD. As a Food Services Assistant at Skyline High School, Qi says, “never be afraid to ask questions,” which fits perfectly with her love for cooking and working with children.


    “I actually found this job through my daughter's school lunch menu” she recalled. “At the time I was a full-time homemaker, and I applied for the position because the part-time hours worked well for me. I had not worked with food professionally before, so there was a lot to learn in my first year.”


    Originally from China, Qi serves as a member of Roslynn Decuir’s team and considers the District value of “Students First” the most important part of her work. Qi’s diligence and work ethic as well as her ability to work effectively with everyone in the kitchen are reasons why she is being honored as a 2016-17 OUSD Classified School Employee of the Year and received Honorable Mention during the Alameda County Classified School Employee of the Year selection process.


    “I believe the youth are our country's future” she said, a belief reflected in the care she takes in her interactions with students. Qi attributes her success in large part to her colleagues and personal drive, saying “I improved through the help of my coworkers and putting in the effort to learn the skills I need.”


    Qi Yu Ma poses with co-workers who gave her flowers following the announcement of her award. While Qi is modest, her manager Roslynn is not shy with praise.


    “Qi Ma is a delight to work with” said Roslynn. “She has such a sweet and kind spirit and always has a smile. With Qi on my team, I can go do other assignments required of me knowing she is there to help support the other staff and make sure the work is done right.”


    Roslynn added that Qi ensures that students are served healthy meals, adding that she appreciates “how she make sure the food taste good as well being high quality before it goes to the line for service.”


    As important as Qi’s skills are in the kitchen, “her kindness with the students is so nice to see, she is very patient with them,” Roslynn said. “I’m looking forward to good things for her in the future.”


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