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    Pictured: Alina Chow Alina Chow
    Executive Assistant
    Special Education Department

    Alina Chow, Executive Assistant for the Department of Special Education, thrives on challenges. When asked what she likes most about her job, Alina mentions the “demanding timelines”, “figuring out competing priorities” and “resolving the issues that come up.”


    She transitioning into the position in July 2016, where she also supports the Deputy Chief of Student Services. Previously, Alina was an executive assistant for the legal department for three years. Her talent for maintaining complex systems and interacting with the public is why she was named a 2016-17 OUSD Classified School Employee of the Year and received Honorable Mention during the Alameda County Classified School Employee of the Year selection process.


    Picture: Alina Chow “It shows that people are recognizing the work that I’ve done, Alina said. “I really appreciate that and it encourages me to continue. I enjoy ensuring that the parents are happy when they leave and giving them solutions so that the family can move on and not feel stressed.”


    Before starting with OUSD, Alina owned a cafe and smoothie shop in Oakland for almost 10 years, where she honed the skills she uses today as a small business owner.


    When she started to have a family, Alina began looking for jobs with benefits to support new needs. The San Francisco native believes that “devotion and hard work” are the keys to success. “Putting the time in is really important” she elaborated, “and being a team player. You have to be able to get along with different kinds of people.”


    “I feel pretty lucky” she said, “I started out subbing with OUSD and found out they were hiring for a permanent position at that time. I’ve really enjoyed joining the team and working with my colleagues.”

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