• 2015-16 Classified School Employees
    of the Year
    Our second OUSD Classified Employee of the Year (CEOY) Awards was a terrific success - the many nominations we received highlighted the remarkable contributions of individuals to our students, schools, and community.

    Sharelette Rodgers

    Child Nutrition
    Sharelette Rodgers
    Food Services Manager
    PLACE @ Prescott 

    As Food Services Manager for the District’s largest kitchen, Sharelette Rodgers organizes the delivery of roughly 8,000-10,000 meals a day for more than 60 schools and educational centers “with a special attention to detail and care” while making sure “everyone on staff gets along and tries to be happy.”


    Sharelette stays involved with school food issues, “always speaking her mind and advocating for improvements where she sees them.” She trains her staff of about 20 employees to keep the kitchen “clean and sanitary” which “gives everyone pride in their work. We know she’s doing it for the children.”


    During her more than two decades at the District, Sharelette has risen to her current role “by always being fair and caring to everyone...answering questions and being available.” For many years, Sharlette has dedicated her time to passionately designing healthy and balanced meals for school meal menus “with a close eye at which ingredients students are eating.” 

    Office and TechnicalIrma Ortiz
    Irma Ortiz, Attendance Clerk
    Hoover Elementary School

    Irma Ortiz, or Ms. Irma as she’s known at Hoover Elementary School, is recognized as “someone who is warm and welcoming everyone through the office doors.” Hoover staff can always count on Ms. Irma to “deliver paperwork on time and complete, making things much easier on the staff.”


    During her seven years at Hoover, Ms. Irma has also served as school nurse and is consistently involved with school activities - attending “all of our Community Gardens Days.” Ms. Irma is described “as the spine of our front office, keeping everything running smoothly.” Her support for students and families is endless, as “she calls families every day and remind them of the importance of coming to school.” She also arranged home visits and does “all she can to keep students in school.”


    Ms. Irma also supports her school by running the Safety Patrol Youth Group, serving as “a positive role model” and always “analyzes situations and takes the inititive to does what’s right and what’s best for everyone. We hope she stays at Hoover for a long time!”

    Operations and MaintenanceSara Lanham
    Sara Lanham, Electrician
    Building & Grounds

    As an electrician for Building & Grounds, Sara Lanham takes great pride in her work and is known around the school sites she works as “an amazing team player with a can-do attitude who consistently does whatever it takes to overcome obstacles in order to complete her daily assignments.”


    Her team members in Buildings & Grounds know Sara to be “kind, considerate and getting along well with everyone. And while she will always be seen smiling at students, she is also vigilant about doing her work quietly and without interruption to the instruction going on in the classroom.”


    Sara is also known to inspire confidence during her time at schools, always “acting as a caring and friendly role model to female students who might wish to enter the building trades as a viable career path.”

    Eddie Franklin Security and Support Services
    Eddie Franklin, School Security Officer
    Bret Harte Middle School

    Eddy Franklin is known at Bret Harte Middle School as an “excellent and highly-effective” School Security Officer who has “the perfect, calm temperament to work with middle school kids.” Eddy is someone who “intuitively implements the social and emotional learning standards, embodying restorative justice practices as a matter of course.”


    Eddy, also acts as a mentor to Bret Harte’s students, dedicating his personal time to shaping the school’s detention system by guiding students with the “kind of disciplinary practices that build students up rather than being punitive. He gets to know the students and implements their academic growth.”


    Actively involved in the community, Eddy is seen as a “mentor, mild-mannered and always positive. If it's needed, he will pull a student aside, but there's no anger or harsh words. He finds out why they are acting as they are and works to find out what's really going on with them.”

    Instructional Assistance/ ParaeducatorAnn Rugtiv
    Ann Rugtiv, Instructional Assistant, Early Childhood Education
    Bella Vista Elementary School

    With each passing school year, Ann Rugtiv known to go “above and beyond” to support students and teachers as an Instructional Assistant  at Bella Vista Elementary School. She “has generously shared her own personal resources including arts and crafts materials, books, holiday decorations” and it’s “with a tremendous amount of love and care for children. Ann has collected these materials over 40 years.”


    Ann’s “loving and caring nature” makes her one of the most-liked members of Bella Vista, as many “feel connected to Ann and comfortable to discuss their challenges and even personal difficulties in confidence.”


    Ann is known as a leader and resource in the classroom, and someone who can “assess situations holistically” and is the perfect compliments to teachers, “never overstepping her professional boundaries” and always “guiding students with a deep understanding and respect for individual needs.”
    Image: I am OUSD Graphic