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Oakland Unified School District

District Oversight

Join an OUSD Oversight Board or Committee!

OUSD needs community members like YOU to get involved and join us in the work of supporting Oakland students. The following boards and committees currently have vacancies. These positions are volunteer and each term is 2 years, unless otherwise stated. Committees generally meet once a month for 2-3 hours and members are expected to review correspondence and agendas between meetings. Some committees also have opportunities for occasional site visits, no more than one per month. The overall time commitment is 5-10 hours/month.

Please click on the committee/board names below to learn more and apply!

Audit Committee

The responsibilities of the Audit Committee shall include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Recommend to the Board for approval the independent auditors.
  2. Review the independent audit engagement including the fee, scope and timing of the audit, and any other services to be rendered, including non-audit services.
  3. Review with the independent auditor's district policies and procedures regarding internal auditing and internal accounting and financial controls.
  4. Upon completion of their audit, review with the independent auditors the cooperation they received from district personnel during the audit, the extent to which district resources could be used to minimize the time spent on the audit, and any significant matters of concern arising from the audit.
  5. Review with the independent auditors any significant transactions which are not a normal part of the district's business, any changes in accounting principles and practices, all significant proposed audit adjustments, and any recommendations that they may have for improving internal controls, choice of accounting principles or management systems.
  6. Review with the district's financial and accounting staff district policies regarding internal accounting and financial controls.
  7. Review and recommend district policies to the Board to prohibit unethical, questionable, or illegal activities by district employees.
  8. Review with the internal auditor the organization and independence of the internal audit function; the goals and plans of internal audit including the nature and extent of work; problems and experiences in completing internal audits; and findings, conclusions, and recommendations as a result of internal audits.
  9. Upon completion of the independent audit, review with the district's financial and accounting managers their perception of the independent auditors, any significant matters of concern arising from the audit, and the extent to which recommendations made by the independent auditors have been implemented.
  10. Prepare semi-annual written reports to the Board relating the results of committee activities.

Measure G Parcel Tax Independent Citizens Oversight Committee

To inform the public concerning the expenditure of parcel tax revenues and to review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money generated by the 2009 Measure G parcel tax.