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Oakland Unified School District

District Committees

Just as broad parent involvement and leadership is important at school sites, it's also crucial at the district level to ensure that the needs of school communities and student groups are represented and that parent input is included in district decisions. Outlined below are several groups that you can get involved with at the district level.

Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent and Student Advisory Committee (PSAC)

This committee is composed of 28 parent and nine student elected members representing OUSD's seven electoral districts. The committee holds seven public meetings to study student outcome data and to review related actions and investments for the development of the OUSD Local Control and Accountability Plan. The committee makes recommendations for consideration by the School Board in May and June of each year. Those recommendations have impact on the annual district-wide budget. For more information, visit

District English Language Learners' Subcommittee (DELLS)

This committee is comprised of 13 members who represent OUSD's electoral districts on the LCAP PSAC who hold four public meetings to study and make recommendations to accelerate English Language Learner Achievement through the LCAP. For more about the role of the DELLS, see page 57 of the

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for Special Education

The CAC is a committee composed of parents, educators, pupils and adults with disabilities, representatives of public and private agencies, and other persons concerned with the needs of individuals with disabilities. Every Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is required to establish a CAC. The CAC advises the local governing board and district staff about the Local Plan for Special Education, annual priorities, parent education, and other specified Special Education related activities. It also advises the LCAP Parent and Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) on the development of accessible, inclusive, and equitable programs at the district and school site levels. For more information, please visit or call (510) 879-8366.

Foster Youth Advisory Group

This group was established in the Spring of 2016 with 16 members including foster students and graduates, foster parents, caregivers, foster youth support staff, advocates, and others. The group holds four meetings and makes recommendations to improve outcomes for foster youth. For more information, please visit