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Oakland Unified School District


In partnership with the Gardner Center, we are pleased to present you with the following research into Oakland Community Schools.

Full report and overall summary are available for download. Continue reading below for more detailed, focused briefings.

Community Schools Research: Key Focus Areas

How are we supporting teaching and learning?

We support teaching and student learning outcomes through a framework that leads to high quality instruction, increased student engagement, and positive school climate.

Read our research brief to learn more

How are services and supports being integrated?

We integrate services/support into our schools through resources and opportunities for students and families, such as health services, after-school activities, and many additional learning opportunities.

Read our research brief to learn more

What organizational structures are utilized?

We are working to ensure services are seamlessly coordinated and integrated to align with school learning goals through our community partnerships and our dedicated Community School Managers.

Read our research brief to learn more