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Oakland Unified School District

Community Schools & Student Services (CSSS)

We are college, career, and community ready.

We are Oakland Community Schools.

Our programs are housed in the CSSS Department, with the overall goal of:


Expanding & enhancing learning through real-world opportunities.


Addressing barriers to learning by creating healthy, safe schools.


Working in partnership with Oakland families and the community.

Want to learn more?

Our summary of services describes all CSSS programs; or use the links below to go directly to each program's website.

Learn More About Oakland Community Schools

About Community Schools

Community Schools leverage community partnerships and resources so our campuses become hubs of support and opportunity for students, families and community members. By working with the community in this way, schools become better equipped to tap into the unique talents and gifts of every student, teacher, and staff member in our district, and can better break down barriers to student achievement.

History & Overview

In 2011, Oakland led the nation by announcing its intent to become the first Full Service Community School District. Five years later, Oakland continues to lead the way with its nationally recognized model for serving the whole child, ensuring that every student gains the skills and knowledge they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom: to graduate College, Career, & Community ready.

District-wide efforts to create systems and structures, such as those listed above, show how we have progressed in our goals to become a Full Service Community Schools District. Oakland Community School means the whole OUSD community coming together and supporting one another.

Key Wins for Community Schools

San Francisco Foundation, Kaiser Community Fund, and the Federal Government fund Community Schools Expansion, in recognition of Oakland's successful effort to build the Oakland Community School District; $10 million dollars have been awarded to Oakland. These funds have allowed Oakland to provide six additional schools with Community School Managers, who will support the development of their community school mode.

By 2020, we aim to have 50 schools district-wide staff with Community School Managers.