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Oakland Unified School District

Human Trafficking Prevention

January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Human Trafficking Prevention Events and Webinars New events will be added.

Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) calendar of events

OUSD received a federal grant from 2020-28 to provide human trafficking prevention education to staff and students in middle and high schools through Healthy Oakland Teens. The schools listed below also have Human Trafficking Prevention (HTP) Leads to respond to referrals.

If you have concerns about a student who is at risk or is experiencing sex and/or labor trafficking, contact your HTP Lead.

If your school does not have a HTP Lead, reach out to Jodi de la Peña, Grant Manager, Human Trafficking Prevention & Response. You can also request staff training and/or student lessons for secondary schools.


High Schools

Dewey Academy
Madison Park Academy (MPA) Upper


Middle Schools

Frick United Academy of Language
MPA Upper
West Oakland MS (WOMS)

Urban Promise Academy (UPA)

See HTP Leads by School

What can staff do to prevent human trafficking?

 Watch this 32-min video to: 1) understand what human trafficking is, 2) recognize red flags, and 3) know how to respond.                       

Review OUSD's Human Trafficking School Safety Protocol

Click on the link above to see our updated Human Trafficking School Safety Protocol (HTSSP) which includes:

  1. Indicators of Possible Human Trafficking Tool to help staff identify red flags in order to make a referral to COST
  2. Resources

Educate your students

1. Browse these downloadable awareness materials, print and display in your classroom.

2. For newcomer students: Share these HT audio clips (in English, Spanish and Mam). You can also print these postcards in English and Spanish with a QR code to link to the clips.

3. Add the HT student lesson to your Healthy Oakland Teens curriculum.

Watch a survivor-vetted film


Jodi de la Peña    Email me

Grant Manager, Human Trafficking Prevention & Response

Sandee Simmons   Email me

Behavioral Health Program Manager HS and ES Network 3

Francisco Alvarado   Email me

Behavioral Health Program Manager MS and ES Network 2

Layne Hamilton   Email me

Behavioral Health Program Manager MS and ES Network 4

Stephanie Noriega   Email me

Newcomer Program Manager