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Oakland Unified School District

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The Oakland Unified School District Home and Hospital Instruction Program provides on-going academic instruction to students with a temporary disability which makes school attendance impossible or inadvisable. 

Both general education and special education programs are provided.

The Home/Hospital program supports the student's academic needs until they are able to return to a school-based program. Instruction may take place in the home, in an Oakland hospital, or in our classroom at the Santa Fe School campus.

The program instructors make every effort to correlate home instruction with the student's school program, but Home/Hospital is not equivalent to full-time school instruction. Certain course work cannot be replicated in the home environment, (e.g. lab work, physical education, group work, academic discourse etc.) It is important to understand that there are two concurrent concerns, the student's health and recovery, and the student's continuity of education. Home/Hospital participants must consider that a student's performance may not be equal to the child's performance prior to the illness or injury.

A medical professional does not authorize Home and Hospital Instruction.  Only the HHI  Office can authorize service.  In completing the Request for HHI, a medical professional must provide medical information so a valid and proper student placement can be considered.

HHI may be appropriate in the case of an acute mental health issue. Typically, however, mental health issues require a longer term site-based plan to address the needs of the student. This may warrant a 504 or an IEP and site-based accommodations.

Eligibility & Exceptions


  • Students hospitalized for five (5) or more days within the boundaries of the Oakland School District may request educational services delivered in the hospital setting.
  • Parents may apply for home instruction if the student will be at home and absent due to temporary disability for an extended period of time (typically more than fifteen (15) school days.) If the student will be absent fewer than fifteen days, the student may be able to do site-based Independent Study on the authority of the school principal.
  • The student's medical condition must be verified by signed authorization of the licensed physician treating the child's condition. In the case of a psychiatric diagnosis, the physician signing the authorization must be the psychiatrist or licensed clinical psychologist treating the condition.
  • The physician treating the student shall have determined and indicate in writing that the student is unable to attend school for a period of fifteen (15) days or longer, certifying that the severity of the condition prevents the pupil from attending a less restrictive placement.
  • The Home and Hospital referral must include the return-to-school date, the medical reason, and the physician's signature.
  • A stay in the HHI program must be reviewed by the program manager, after 60 days, if an extension is requested.
  • The student must reside within the Oakland Unified School District's boundaries or be hospitalized at a facility within the district boundaries. Students who are temporarily disabled who are receiving care in an out-of-district residential health facility (excluding state hospitals) are deemed residents of the district in which the health facility is located. Students will be eligible for instruction through their school district of residence upon release from the facility and return to their home.


  • A Home/Hospital teaching assignment cannot risk exposing the home teacher to any contagious diseases, i.e., COVID, measles, chicken pox, tuberculosis.
  • A change of venue may be necessary should it be determined that safety or health conditions exist preventing instruction from taking place in the home.
  • Home and Hospital Instruction will not be provided with fewer than fifteen (15) days remaining in the student's school year.
  • Per Ed Code, all Home/Hospital placements end in alignment with the end of the school year. A new application would be required if the student's medical issue continues into the start of the next academic year.
  • If the student has an IEP, then an IEP meeting must be held and the IEP team must agree to a change of placement if appropriate.

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