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Allendale Announcements

  • At Allendale, we take a whole child approach to education. It is important to us that our policies, practices, and relationships ensure each child in our school community is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. This is captured in our ROAR motto:

    • R-Rigor. Hard work makes us smarter. Learning targets are standards based and on grade level.
    • O- One Community--We share common values--We, responsible, respectful, and a community
    • A-Achieve. We use blended learning, differentiated instruction, and tiered supports to assure that all students grow academically and achieve!
    • R-Resilient-We have what it takes to overcome pitfalls and don’t give up easily.We have a growth mindset and know that  we can achieve nearly anything if we work hard and accept failures and challenges as opportunities to grow. 

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